Bluetooth Certification SIG Results Have Samsung Galaxy S4 Active On Its List

There is great news for Samsung Galaxy S4 phone lovers- this device is listed in the Bluetoioth certification SIG results. The device is the waterproof and more tough version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that made its unique appearance on Bluetooth’s Special Interest Group. This gives us the indication that the testing process of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is over and done and it is soon entering the market.


Bluetooth SIG is in charge of Bluetooth standards and so if any manufacturer wishes to include the wireless mode in any of its devices it requires to make a presentation before the certification pages of the group in order to confirm that it does exist.

Another member of the Samsung Group The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has also made its appearance in the SIG Listing in the previous week. The entry of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was least expected. This device is all set to make its appearance in June.

If we refer to the recemt listing nothing much can be said about this new device. The only thing is that the phone does have the possibility to make its appearance in the market in June. The tentative date of the release will be 24th June.

S4 Active Hülle

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