Blackberry Z10 update is launched with advanced battery and camera

Blackberry Z10 has already passed a month under market circulation. The manufacturers of this brand have reared up with software for its flagship handset. Reports have been rolled out the device to behold few carriers. This upgrade is estimated to hit rest of the networks across the world in the forthcoming weeks. The Z10 is immersed with the applications, which boost the device to run fast and smooth. The brand has disclosed the device will come out with Whatsapp Messenger from the month of March.


The camera will not be left behind as the company has adopted with enhanced attributes and this is why the consumers able to snap photos even in a dim-light conditions. As the new enhancements are featured in the device thus the brand has determined to give superior update to the Z10. Hence, 60 battery restorations have been added up in the device allowing it to have better longevity with a good stamina mode.

Z 10 has already made its appearance in Europe and Canada but still away from the official announcement in US. In addition the device will be summoned with 4.2 inch of capacitive touch screen, which can disperse 768 x 1280 pixels of resolution. The device is created with a good storage of 150MB, which can smoothly continue it’s downloading through the announcement when the content is available.

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