Blackberry Unlikely To Get CommBank Favors

There is bad news for Blackberry. The Commonwealth Bank has revealed that it is not going to allocate significant resources for making developer applications for users of Balckberry. A senior executive stated that the mobile market will soon be a competition between Apple’s IOS platform, Android and the Windows Phone.


According to Drew Unsworth, the GM of Online Banking for the Commonwealth Bank, there is no use of Blackberry as there is Windows in one corner, Android in another and iPhone in a third. The Bank has been tracking the devices of its customers and it has noticed that the usage of the Blackberry phone has already started to wane.The Bank has lost its belief in the Blackberry phone and this is the reason why it sees that Blackberry has no need of the developer devices any more.


He anticipated that Windows and the iphone will be doing great and there is also a positive belief that the combination of Nokia and Windows will be a great hit too. The Bank does not think Blackberry to provide the same in the future and this is the reason why it is unlikely that the manufacturer will get developer resources for making applications.


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