Blackberry Torch- Every man’s Smartphone?

The release of the Blackberry Torch has been an obvious attempt by the company to expand its target market and improve its reputation amongst the iPhone and HTC customers.
Through their own marketing and design, Blackberry’s handsets have come to be known predominantly as a piece of technology more geared towards business life and communication. A valuable part of the smartphone market has been excluded through these designs and so a different strategy has been called for.

So how does the Torch separate itself from its predecessors and outline itself as a phone worthy of interest from the more social smartphone buyers?
The Torch boasts a potential memory of 32GB, level with that of the iPhone and most other high-end smartphones. With regards to separation from its predecessors; the Torch seems more structured towards media and entertainment with downloadable games and java media player and video player for MP3, WMA, Mp4, DivX and Xvid files. Extending compatibility in this area has set the Torch apart from its predecessors but only brings it up to par with other rivals.

A must with a generic smart-phone is touch screen technology. The designers at Blackberry have not ignored this integral bit of technology and have incorporated their traditional button designs with their own touch screen capabilities.
The size of the keyboard has been reduced, allowing for a larger screen more suitable for gaming and media/app viewing, but by retaining the physical keyboard the screen still suffers in size and barely comes close to that of the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone.
Whilst this phone boasts some new characteristics that may excite Blackberry lovers its capabilities do not seem to rise to the heights of its competitors. Blackberry have developed a very defined reputation within the communications world as providers of business orientated technology and without making drastic changes to the way they approach the design of their phones this reputation will remain as such.

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