Blackberry Smartphone Sales Sinking In Korea

There is unfortunate news for Korean phone makers and that is that Blackberry phones are now following the sinking footsteps of Nokia. The global market for Smart phones is growing however there is bad news for the makers of Blackberry as the sales figures of the phone are shrinking to a very large extent. The makers of the once popular phone were only able to sell 13.2 million units in the first fiscal of 2011.

"Blackberry Smartphone"

It is projected that the sales for the Smartphone is likely to fall further in the next few months and even though RIM, the makers of Blackberry, is ranked third after Nokia and Apple it is soon to be taken over by Samsung Electronics in the mobile market.


Blackberry was an instant hit when it was released however it failed to take over the ordinary customers. It was a must have for office goers in North America at one point of time and the President of The USA Obama also remarked that he was addicted to the Blackberry phone. Now people are going in for Android and iPhones for their needs. This is sure to spell disaster for Blackberry and it needs to do something to be a market leader again.


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