Blackberry receives good news

With the recent losses faces by Blackberry which even led to selling its unique BBM feature to the android users, time seemed to be not in favour of Blackberry. But as every tunnel leads to an opening that is bright, amidst the sweltering time, the company received some good news. Lacking in their own confidence, Blackberry got a boost when the NATO military alliance decided on giving them a vote of confidence by approving their service 10 and BB10 Smartphones for distinguished and structured communication. This must have called for celebration for the senior vice-president, Scott Totzke.

For those who are not aware of what exactly is the vote of confidence let me tell you that by certification we understand that the NATO agencies in all the 28 member states across North America and Europe will hereon be able to use the Blackberry 10 Smartphones for any kind of purpose (especially for the professional need). However though that seems to be good news for Blackberry, to make it good in practicality what they really need is huge orders for the products and the services.

However it seems that this certification will be quite welcomed especially when the company has decided get sold off to a conglomeration that is led by the Toronto based Fairfax Financial. Hence, with the facing of such a loss where the mobile maker had decided to do away with 4,500 workers which is equal to almost 40% of the work force, the NATO news just came as a dessert for them.

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