Blackberry Overtaken By Android By Mobile Web Users

There is bad news for Blackberry as it has been overtaken by Android in the field of mobile web usage. This has been revealed by the web analytics company Statcounter. This has taken place for the first time on a month basis from February. According to the statistics revealed Android had recorded about 15.2% of the market worldwide as compared to 14.5% for Blackberry. It has been disclosed that Nokia’s Symbian is still the leader in the global market with about 30.7% of the share and with Apple iOS having 24.6% in the second place.

"Android By Blackberry"

The figures that have been revealed are based on the traffic to web sites with the aid of the Statcounter plug in. The data by Statcounter also has specified that increase of mobile devices to access the Internet. It has been disclosed that users all over the world are now using their mobile more to access the internet than their desktops. In fact, the number has doubled all over the world from 1.72% a year back to about 4.45% in the present times. The US also recorded a similar trend with the number of users using the mobile internet in the past one year from 2.59% to 6.32%


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