Blackberry Messenger Service To Hit iPhone and Android Soon

Recent sources have revealed that Research In Motion or RIM has plans to introduce its own messaging service i.e. the Blackberry Messenger on both the iPhone and Android. There are additional sources that reveal that this software would be offered free to mobile users. In the past there has been many attempts by mobile companies to make a competitor to the Blackberry Messenger. One of these companies are Kik and they have worked on many Blackberry mobile phones till it was blocked for the breach of some contractual obligations.

It is till now certain that there is going to be an Android version of the Blackberry Messenger however there has been certain doubts over the availability of the service on Apple’s iphone. The possible reason for this could be the closed IOS platform or the risk of the brand deciding to refuse the application to be on its list on the App Store. There is anticipation that the third party applications will be offering a cut down version of this Messenger service in order to get customers hooked into changing their Blackberry devices to get the complete messaging service. Time will decide on what these customers will do, until then all we have to do is wait and watch for its launch!


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