Blackberry Losing Its Popularity Among Owners

The Blackberry has been around for some time and owners till recently have been the proud owners of this widely sought after phone. Unfortunately for RIM the tables have turned and the Blackberry tag is losing popularity among owners. It has been revealed that in the technological market that is now flooded with innovative features and gadgets, Blackberry who once was the undisputed leader of Smartphones is gradually losing ground to Apple’s iPhone and all the devices that are currently running on the Android software of Google Inc.

Two years ago Blackberry had recorded a share of about 43% of the smartphone market in the USA.  The present figure has shown that the share has dropped to 19%. This has been indicated in the market research firm by ComScore Inc. The sad news is that even those users who have been using a Blackberry phone have remarked that there is something that is not “cool” about owning one now.

This is bad news for RIM and the recent turmoil and delays in the software have made matters worse for the brand. Now the company needs to sit up and take note of the wavering popularity that it is facing before it is too late!

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