Blackberry Is Soon Arriving With Its New Device Named 9720

Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry has determined that the company is set to launch a new OS7 device. As per the sources revealed the device will be known with the name of BlackBerry 9720. The specification of the phone has been leaked and the phone is expected to have certain features such as 480×360 display and more. However, only limited information has been collected about this phone. It is yet unclear whether the phone will have touch screen or full QWERTY keyboard. On the recent Blackberry 10 devices the top rows of the physical buttons has been removed.


As per the pictures it has been also known that 9720 will behold BBM key. This feature is quite related with other Smartphone’s. People might involve in thinking that there is no advantage of releasing a Smartphone, which runs on OS 7.1. On the other hand Blackberry is trying its best to receive it recent OS platform. There are few markets where people forbid purchasing pricey Smartphone’s. Blackberry 9720 is not only exclusive in its features but also will be available in a different range in the market. There is much gossip centered around the blackberry’s upcoming device. Few specifications of the 9720 have been disclosed such as 3G, BBM button, JS-1 Battery and 105.8MB RAM.

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