Blackberry Grabs Number Slot As Best Selling Smartphone In UK

RIM has reason to cheer about! Blackberry has bagged top slot as the best selling smartphone in UK. In a claim released by RIM it was stated that the company has about 8.5 million subscribers to this smartphone in the nation by the end of December 2011. This is great news for the company as according to the latest figures the phone is the best smartphone in the country for the second year running. This was stated by a research firm GfK.

According to the latest figures released by GfK the Canadian manufacturer revealed that Blackberry had an average of 27.7% share in the market during 2011 and 26.3% in the market in December last year. RIM did not provide any comparable figures of 2010 after it disclosed that it has 8 million active subscribers of the phone in the year 2011. It however stated that it subscriber base globally had increased by 35%. Currently the company has a subscriber base of 75 million all around the world.

RIM has some forthcoming developing plans for the phone. It has plans to include an update to the current  Blackberry 7.1 OS and will include features like the ability to convert the smartphone into a mobile hotspot that will have the ability to be shared by 5 Wi-Fi compatible gadgets whereas its Playbook 2.0 is scheduled to hit the market in February this year.

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