BlackBerry Empathy: ”emotional” phone concept

Daniel Yoon created a new BlackBerry concept, the Empathy Phone that comes with a mood ring, as shown in the pictures. This social networking-focused device delivers biometric data regarding the user’s emotional state, relying on the mood ring accessory.

BlackBerry Empathy connects the user straight away to sites like FaceBook and MySpace for quick messaging and status updates. The device also comes with proximity sensors, allowing you to detect the emotions of the folks nearby through an emotion chart with a visual timeline.

Empathy uses movable keys, a translucent tactile keyboard and a flexible OLED display, plus a HUD (heads up display). The keypad on this phone can change color according to the user’s emotions, that are sensed through messages, phones calls and biometric sensors.

The concept of Social networking through portable devices is already popular among the masses, but the biometric technology will just take it to another level. And with latest innovations in technology, the day isn’t too far when you would be able to do live video chats using your mobile handset on the go.

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