Blackberry Branded The Safest Smartphone In UK

The UK’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance at GCHQ (CESG) has branded the Blackberry the safest Smartphone for storing sensitive government data. The device is one of the highly recommended phones that is suggested for public sector workers. The other phones that also have been recommended after Blackberry include Apple’s iphone, the Windows 7 phones and Nokia Smartphones.

The Blackberry has been branded to be a leader when it comes to the security of data and low risk. According to Ron Gula the CEO of Tenable Network Security, the phone is a device that has a number of enterprising features with enhanced application and encryption controls. With the aid of a Blackberry there are several features like remote kill, email retention and guaranteed message delivery that the user can opt for. RIM has ensured that it stays top of protection and security and this is the reason why The Blackberry rests on the top of mobile phone security credentials. The Blackberry platform is considered to be the best when it comes to protection and security in the UK and with this device government and public sector workers are in the low risk and protected list of mobile phone users in the nation.


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