BlackBerry Bold 9900 Vs Nokia E6

RIM (Blackberry) and Nokia are two big companies in the handset manufacturers’ arena and both names are constantly inundating the mobile market with their innovative Smartphones with a host of promising features.  The sales of Blackberry handsets have soared recently while Nokia has faced a difficult phase in the sale of its mobile phones lately. Both are reliable names and despite the fact that Nokia has seen a decline in sales in the past months, the good news is that there are still some loyal customers who still have faith in the brand and its handsets.

The Blackberry Bold 9900 and Nokia E6 have invaded the market this year. Both of them promise the user a promising range of attractive features with better functionality. They have been around for quite a while and users have come out with their final verdicts on both these handsets. If you have an eye for both of these handsets however are not sure on which one to opt for you can read the following comparative analysis of both these mobile phones along with their high and low scoring areas:


Operating System:

One of the most crucial parts of a mobile phone is its operating system. A phone cannot function well with a faulty operating system no matter how quality oriented or high-end its features may be. Nokia E6 has Symbian Anna that had some significant improvements over last version. Blackberry, on the other hand, sports the Blackberry OS 7.0 that is exclusivelyin Blackberry phones.

Performance & Processor:

A good processor enhances the speed of a phone that in turn boosts its functionality. When buying a phone you should check out the processor first so that you later face no issues with speed. A phone no matter how attractive it may be can really put you off in case of slowdowns. Nokia and Blackberry have quality processors however the Nokia E6 has a 680 MHz ARM 11 processor while the Blackberry Bold 9900 has a 1.2 GHz processor that is almost twice the speed of The Nokia E6. So it is obvious that Blackberry takes away the honors.


The portable mobile camera comes in handy many times when you need to record a memorable moment or catch an exciting object. Technology has advanced greatly and in the process you are now able to get great quality pictures with your mobile phone. Nokia and Blackberry have incorporated sophisticated camera and video features in these handsets keeping the above need of the users in mind.

The Nokia E6 comes equipped with an 8 MP camera with a dual LED Flash and a fixed focus. The handset also sports a secondary VGA camera where you are able to shoot high definition 720p videos at a speed of 25 fps. The Blackberry Bold 9900 comes with a 5 MP camera with an autofocus and a LED Flash. The phone also does not have a secondary camera however it is possible for the user to shoot HD videos from the Bold 9900.


The internal storage memory and the price of both these mobile phones are the same. They have an internal storage memory of 8GB and an expandable memory upto 32 GB via a MicroSD card.

The Verdict- Both Tie!


The price difference is obviously huge and can influence the decision of the user as to whether or not to opt for the Blackberry Bold 9900. In terms of price and features Nokia E6 emerges the leader while the Blackberry Bold 9900 may have to fall back in the line till it settles for a price tag closer to the Nokia E6 if it wishes to remain in the race.

Our Final Verdict:

The Nokia E6 and the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 are nice phones to own. They have a host of features that are attractive and appealing. Both Nokia and Blackberry have tried to woo the mobile enthusiasts with the wide range of features available to them. The Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 is inevitably a classic phone however it does not give users as many features as the Nokia E6. The price is also huge and this makes most mobile users think twice before going in for the phone.

So, in conclusion, it can be said if you are looking for a phone that has quality features at a lesser price, the Nokia E6 is the obvious choice over the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900.

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