Blackberry App World Now Expands

Blackberry is in news again and this time with something really great for its present customers. RIM has announced on Monday that it has partnered with over 50 carriers to bring the benefits of direct billing in Blackberry App World. This integrated billing allows customers to buy applications via their Blackberry smartphone and charge them direct monthly bills. The above service has been completely integrated with the Blackberry Payment Service that providers developers the chance to deploy in application subscriptions and purchases.

Currently the Blackberry App World is available in around 170 markets and it provides over 100,000 smartphone apps. Mobile operators recognize that RIM works very constructively and closely with them with over 50 operators. This is a relationship that is productive and it will help mobile users in a large way to get instant and direct billing easily.

Ray Anderson the CEO Bango whose mobile payment platform permits the charge to bill payments in Blackberry App World. In fact he mentioned that their relationship with Blackberry is growing stronger with every passing day and this integrated platform will be of a great benefit for smartphone users who rely on their ability to charge the costs of digital products to the carrier bills.

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