Blackberry 9380 And 9790 Announced By RIM

The new Blackberry Smartphone 9380 and 9790 has been announced by RIM. However the announcement made by RIM can not be called usual in any way. RIM decided to announce the handsets via a blog post which was meant for the developer community for offering information about the handsets.

"Blackberry 9380 And 9790 Announced By RIM"

RIM has disclosed limited information about the handsets that are going to be available at this time. It has been revealed that Blackberry Smartphone 9380 and 9790 will be running the latest BlackBerry OS 7. It was also revealed by RIM that the Blackberry 9380 model is going to sport a full touchscreen interface that was seen in Blackberry Storm and this latest device will have a screen resolution of 480 x 360 pixels and size of the screen has been stated to be 3.2-inch.


The BlackBerry 9790 model has a display screen of 2.44-inch and the pixel resolution of 480 x 360. This phone model comes with a QWERTY keypad.


It ahs been reported that both the phones will be incorporated with SDK with built-in simulators. All these have been announced in the blog post but it is expected that an official announcement regarding the arrival of both the handsets are going to be made any time soon.

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