Blackberry 10 To Be Launched In January

There is good news for those eagerly waiting for the launch of Blackberry 10. This device will be launched in January 2013. This news was allegedly slipped by Rob Orr Managing Director of UK and Ireland in an interview with Computer Weekly. He reportedly stated in the interview that the Company would not miss the rush in sales for Christmas and January was a good time for the launch and RIM was looking forward to it. According to him the Company would not miss the Christmas sales rush at all when the device is launched in January.

This new Blackberry device will function on the 10 operating system platform that focuses on mobile computing. The heart and core of this OS is from the embedded OS system called QNX. This is a platform that can be used in cars and trains. It will be deployed in vertical environments like healthcare and will being in the next phase of mobile computing for the world to discover. Orr stated that decisions on licensing have not been made and it is not clear yet on whether the BB10 would feature on other handset devices. Till then we just have to wait and see!

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