Blackberry 10 All Set To Conquer All Tiers Soon

Blackberry is all set to conquer all middle and low-end markets soon. This means consumers will be treated to a wide host of Blackberry phones successfully with the above operating system platform. The Q10 has been finally released by the Company that is the second smartphone of the company that has a QWERTY keypad and runs with the Blackberry 10 platform. This phone is one that is on sale exclusively on Carphone Warephone concession stores until the 28th April in Selfridges.


Consumers will also be treated to availability all over the nation with prime mobile operators and retailers that will start from the following week. This smartphone is one that follows its predecessor the Z10 that had been launched in the UK on the 31st of January. This is a phone that is currently launched in the smartphone segment and ranked to be one of the most successful phones in the market. The managing director of Blackberry UK Rob Orr did not however name any future devices that are scheduled to hit the market soon. He also did not specify the number of releases that would be hitting the market soon. He generally stated that there would be more Blackberry devices hitting the market this year!

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