Believe in the best: believe in Samsung Tizen ZEQ 9000

Recently the Tizen smart phone from Samsung has been in the news for all the good reasons. The phone in discussion is the Samsung Tizen which has been christened Samsung ZEQ 9000. Te upcoming gala event of the Mobile World Congress will see the launch of this new mobile phone brought out by Samsung. The Mobile World Congress will be held from the twenty fourth of February and according to reports the company of Samsung will bring its new offering of the new Tizen smart phone into the public viewing.   Samsung is a company which hails from the country of Korea and this company has finished sending out invitations over e mail to the Tizen developers. The purpose of this invitation is for the participation in the pre event Mobile World Congress, on the twenty third of February, two thousand and fourteen. This pre MWC event will be held at the Arts Hotel in Barcelona.


According to sources the mobile phone might be called Zeke instead of ZEQ 9000. The source of this information is Move player. The mobile phone in discussion might also feature the specialty of a 4.8 High definition display. But the mobile phone ZEQ 9000 has a screen which is smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S4. A 2.3 Giga hertz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor in the mobile phone will help in giving power to the phone.  If the leaked images of the mobile phone are anything to go by then it has to be said that the Samsung Tizen ZEQ 9000 will have plastic casing present as the covering on the phone. A plastic casing of similar type is to be found in all the other smart phones manufactured by the South Korean Company of Samsung. The operating system of Tizen was supposed to give a stiff opposition to Android. The same operating system of Tizen was used in the then newly launched Samsung Galaxy S 4 in the September of the year two thousand and thirteen. It has to be mentioned that though at present Android is the largest supplier of operating system in the mobile phones a shift in focus might play out if players like Tizen decides to barge in.

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