Apple Slashes Production For iPhone 5C

The new Apple iphone 5C is not a hit with the masses as the Company has already slashed production mainly because of the poor response.  The Company has also started to reduce orders for this smarphone and has slashed it by about 20 percent. Besides the above there are also rumors from the Wall Street Journal that an unnamed supplier has notified there is a 50 percent reduction in the orders of parts for the new iphone 5C.


The Chinese website Ctechcn stated that the Company has already started to reduce the production of the volume of the iphone 5C units. The volume has been reduced from 300,000 units to 150,000 units.  The news may raise worries about the price of the phone and its popularity among shoppers for it. Till date Apple has not made any revelations about the number of handsets it has sold with the passage of time.  Instead the Company had disclosed that during the opening of the iphone 5S and iphone 5C the Company had sold about nine million Iphone handsets. Apple did not however reveal the number it has individually sold for all the devices. It is however a known fact that Apple had sold its iphone 5S handsets immediately after its launch in the market and its response has been much better than the iPhone 5C.

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