Apple Slaps Suit On Samsung For Imitation of i-Phone and I-Pad Design

Samsung is in deep trouble as its competitor Apple has sued it for imitating the design of the iphone and the ipad for its Galaxy line of phones. This lawsuit has been filed in a district court in North California. Apple claims that Samsung has infringed several trademarks and patents. These reports were confirmed by a blogger of “Mobilized” Ina Fried who revealed the statement of an Apple representative that it was no coincidence that many of the latest gadgets in the mobile and ipad segment look much like Apple’s.

The representative also mentioned that Samsung has also copied the packaging, the hardware and the user interface of most of its products. The lawsuit that has been filed contains a series of images where the brand has claimed that Samsung has copied its products. The representative claimed that this kind of downright copying of products was wrong and Apple has to take immediate steps to protect its Intellectual Property Rights. Apple has also claimed in the suit that Samsung has imitated its core technology as well. Screen icons and the shape of the hardware have also been copied to a very large extent. This is the not the first time that Apple has filed lawsuits against other mobile phone makers as it has also done so in the past and they include mobile giants like HTC and Nokia.


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