Apple’s White iPhone Appears on AT&T Website

The highly desirable white version of the iPhone made its appearance on the website of AT& T. This appearance surfaced in the sales pages of the site and it being there could suggest that the long wait for this mythical offering from Apple could be over and the handset is about to hit the market soon. The white iPhone is one that is the twin of the black and the confusing fact is why are there so many people that are desperate to get their hands on the white iPhone when all the features of the phone are the same as the black one. The Apple white iPhone also made a brief appearance on a German website only to disappear moments later. Many people did however manage to get a screenshot of the phone. The rumors of the iPhone in white coming into existence have now been brushed aside and there is anticipation that it is going to come into the market very soon.


Apple promised to ensure that the white iPhone would be in the market way back in June after it had surfaced for a brief period. The phone was supposed to be in the market after the black iPhone surfaced but it never did occur.

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