Angry Birds Space

After battling it out in different parts of the world, the addictive angry birds are all set to take the battle with their green foes into space. With developers Rovio introducing Angry Birds Space, a thrilling new version of the game across different platforms, smartphone users can now enjoy unprecedented fun and excitement. Let’s take a firsthand look at what the game offers.
While the simple controls and basic outline of the original Angry Birds game made it instantly popular with users from all over, Rovio has developed the next version with far better graphics and much more energy. The original version had a very basic setting and the developers did exactly what was needed to recreate the hype and interest in the game – jazz it up! The physical effects in the new version of the game are simply brilliant and are specifically designed to create another addictive game that challenges the user across various levels.
Considering the graphics and environment of space, the basic theme of the game is blue with ice crystals and stones creating a fun environment for the birds to smash through. The physics is top notch and the designing of different asteroids and planets that can be seen in the different levels only add to the excitement.
The original sling shot idea still exists except that the gravitational field around the planet makes it more interesting to play. The birds float in a straight path until they enter the various planets’ gravitational field, curving their projectile to make them crash into the smug pigs. This means that users would have to strategize the bird’s trajectory with accuracy to make sure that they hit their target. It’s no longer just a simple aim and sling game where users can sling shot their birds into the smug pigs and their castles; instead, the entire physical effects that space brings to the game definitely gives it a fresh appeal.
The new birds
Besides the birds from the original version of the game, Rovio has launched a whole set of new birds to bring more fun into the new space version. Let’s see who the new angry birds are:-
Lazer Bird: The yellow bird in the original version of Angry Birds now dawns a futuristic purple spacesuit in the new version. The Lazer bird has a unique power to change its course in mid-flight and smash through smug pigs and their obstacles at rapid speed. You can use this bird for a sling shot around planets and asteroids when you need to change the trajectory of the bird in an uneven manner.
Ice Bird: The Ice Bird is definitely a thrilling new addition to the space version of the game. Launch the Ice Bird into orbit and watch as it freezes the pigs and the scenery, allowing the next angry bird to smash them all up in one go. With a super power to freeze its foes, the Ice Bird turns smug pigs and their surroundings into ice sculptures so that the next projectile can enjoy the opportunity of demolishing them with one single hit.
Black Bird: Ready to explode at any time, the black bird is a role model for anger and destruction. The bird has the power to explode into anything that comes in it way. It’s like sending an armed missile into space to destroy everything there, boom!!!
Green Bird: He is the biggest and heaviest of the angry birds and he lets his weight do the talking. The green bird is a real monster and because he is heavier than the other birds, he can cause more pig-crushing with complete ease.
All said and done, Angry Birds Space is one game that you will instantly get addicted to whether you are firing your birds through space on the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC One X.

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