Android Market Offers Kaspersky To The Common Mass

With the ever increasing mobile hacking and insecurity, people are becoming conscious of securing their cell phone with a good anti virus. They feel if a pc requires protection so does the mobile. For this reason mainly the Internet Security Firm, Kaspersky Lab has enrolled it self in the Android Market. They have launched the antivirus under the name of Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite or the KMS Lite. They say that the user can download the latest version of the KMS Lite free of cost from the Android Market.

This offers a basic level protection to all those phones functioning on the Android Operating System. This software also has an anti theft feature in built in it. Thus now a mobile thief can not get easy access to the user’s private and chief information. This special feature can be activated with a single message to the device. Another interesting feature of this software is that it enables the user to filter unwanted calls and text messages. So now you can forget being bugged by those business calls and promotional texts for ever. Al these are included in the free version, in the paid one there are some additional characteristics which make the operations done in the phone better.

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