An user friendly T-Mobile:-

T-Mobile has always been a user friendly mobile. Keeping in mind what the customers hate about the cell phone business, the proprietor is trying to bring in a change those things.


Thus in their process to change the things that the customers hate, T-Mobile, which is the number 4 US wireless carrier this time has decided on changing, rather eliminating the high costs that are associated with using a phone overseas.

The problem faced by the customers is that as the charges are often so high, it makes the customers to leave their phones at home quite often or even forces them to keep their phones in a switched off mode when they travel over seas. And a survey says that almost 40% of the customers turn off their phones to avoid the high charges.

Thus so that the customers don’t face such problems any more the T-Mobile has come up with plans which don’t charge any extra fee but instead promises to offer unlimited 2G data and texting in 100 countries with voice calls that will cost 20 cents per minute.

Not only this, the company also plans for offering those who call overseas from the US. They will be charge $10 a month and further, the company ensures that calling to other countries will not be more than 20 cents a minute. The landline calls will be made free of cost for 70 countries and people can apply the option of unlimited texting for more than 200 countries.

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