An Overview About HTC Wildfire S

Although The HTC Wildfire S is minute but the users of HTC do not go with its size because the wildfire S is sophisticated Smartphone. This Smartphone is idyllic for essential social networking, messages and calls.

HTC is a company that is famous for creative design, iconic devices. The leading example of this statement is Nexus One and HD2. The wildfire S sticks definitely to HTC’S 2011 design ethos including a glossy, elegant, pleasing look along with curved edges, which makes the device to park yourself kindly in your hand. Apart from all these, there is minor chin at the foot of the wildfire S and these design remind of the HTC hero.

The exterior of the handset is plastic but instead of being plastic it does not appears as cheap or nasty. In fact, the handset reveals a nice as well as grippy felling. Hence, these things are enough to draw the attention of the users. Not only this are limited the handset has many more features which are sufficient to behold the fans of HTC. There are chrome accents around chief features such as display, Front speaker, rear camera the device dose not possesses front facing cameras, besides all these the handset holds volume rocker as well as power button. The screen of wildfire S is 3.2 inches with a resolution of 320*480(HVGA).

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