An Insight Into T-Mobile’s Unique MyTouch 4G Slide Camera Phone

T-Mobile the leading phone carrier of the USA has announced that the MyTouch 4G Slide smartphone will be available on sale in the month of July. The carrier claims that this novel device is one that has the most advanced camera of any Smartphone in the present times.


Andrew Sherrard, the senior VP of marketing at T-Mobile has stated that this new smartphone will induce users to leave their cameras at home as the phone is enough for carrying out a dual function. The phone has a 8MP camera that comes with an LED flash and a zero shutter lag that allows users to take shots quickly.

The camera also has a Sweepshot feature for the capture of panoramas with a single sweep motion of the phone. The phone also has the feature of Clearshot and Burstshot for taking several shots in a sudden explosion of shots. This feature is ideally suited for users who love to take pictures at sporting events. It is the perfect shoot and digital phone. So if you are in search for a camera phone that really makes your pictures stand out from the  rest you should go in for this unique point and shoot phone.


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