Amazon SmartPhone Faces Delay

Amazon is all set to release its smartphone however the journey prior to its release is not a smooth one. There were reports that the Company would come up with its widely anticipated mobile device in 2013.  Amazon will not be able to live up to its promise as right now there are some technical glitches being faced not by Amazon but by its partner – Foxconn International Holdings.


Foxxcon Interenational Holdings is the manufacturing partner of Amazon for the new smartphone that is going to be released. There is new that this smartphone is under the procedure that is called the engineering verification test or the EVT.  There are certain issues that are bothering the platform of the mobile device.

Sources have also indicated that the development of the forthcoming mobile device is presently being taken care of by a subsidiary of Foxconn International –Ensky Tech. This has been responsible for the production of the ebook readers and tablets of Amazon. If you check the roadmap of the Company the anticipated mobile device should be over with its production verification test or PVT by the first three months of this year and make its foray into the mass production market around three months later.

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