Amazon Kindle Tablet Still Popular In China.

Mobile users in China had to wait for one year before Amazon has bought its first Kindle Tablet to the nation in June last year. However the shipments of these products have been very slow and the competition in the tablet market in the recent years very tough. In the third quarter the shipments of this tablet have now reached 6300 units in the nation. This means that the market share in the country is just one percent. The tablet is still popular and widely in demand in the nation.



The tablet has a local version and it supports main languages in the nation. On Thursday Amazon was forced to reveal the sales of the tablet. However it has declined figures and said that the customer demand in the nation were good. In fact the company revealed that this tablet is still the most widely sought after tablet in the nation and customers love it. The company is happy with its performance in the nation and this is the reason why it is not concerned apparently about the other tablet manufacturers coming in the market. This is good news for Amazon however time will only tell if these tablets survive the onslaught of the new models!

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