About the dual sim variety of Motorola Moto G

When the company of Motorola made the announcement of the unveiling of the mobile phone of Motorola Moto G then it was expected that the an option of  dual sim card was going to be launched pretty soon. The company officials declined from giving any information about the price of the Motorola Moto g. they also denied to give any information about the dates from which the mobile phone will be made available. The information has been seen on the official web page of the company of Motorola. Though the dual sim variety of the mobile phone Motorola Moto g is unavailable in any store across the country news is that this particular type of mobile phone will be available pretty soon.  The Motorola Moto G was launched in Brazil just some time ago. The dual sim variety would be available in many countries of Europe very soon.  Reports say that though this particular mobile phone with the dual sim option has not been launched in the countries of Europe the Motorola Moto G with dual sim has seen the day of light in the countries like Australia and Malaysia.  The price of this phone model has been fixed at two hundred and ten dollars in both the countries. The price of the dual sim variety is about two hundred and forty dollars. This price is meant for the sixteen Giga Byte mobile phone model.  When it comes to the single sim variety of this same mobile phone the price range is about one hundred and ninety nine dollar for the sixteen Giga Byte variety.



Experts say that the mobile phone of Motorola Moto G might have a little steep price but it compensates well with well built software and quite interesting features built in to it. If you are on a shoe string budget then there is no better option available to you then this particular mobile phone. The Motorola Moto G is almost similar to the smart phone Moto X in looks though the former is a bit on the thicker side. The phone is encased in something of a soft polycarbonate material.

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