About reputation management and about building trust

Today a lot of talk is about the growing role of reputation in the business. In fact, worldwide reputation almost always played a key role in establishing the trust, which is a key factor in the effective interaction with customers and partners. It has particularly large role in the organization of the telecommunications sector and thus reputation management services become more and more practical today.

So, what is reputation? Many people today confuse the concept of reputation and image. In part, this concept is related. Image – an image that is associated in the minds of consumers with the Company. The image contains both rational and emotional components. Reputation is – is the combination of formed opinions about the Company of all its participants (customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders, employees, authorities, journalists). And reputation is almost always rational.

Components of Power
Reputation, is the opinion of the company, formed as a mosaic of a number of elements.

Name in the market
If you are a company no one knows, no one can form an opinion. However, fame – will come with time, but it is important that this reputation was of a positive rather than negative context.

Experience in the market
Experience in the market is important for any financial institution, and for an telecommunications company – in particular.

The presence in the information field
Internet is a great thing – you doubt?. Today, to inquire about the company, you don’t need to hire a private detective or go to the library and browse couple of days through Binder periodicals. Just type in Google the name – and you get a lot of diverse information.

One thing the Internet is not restricted. The business press, television channels, the socio-political press and professional publications – these are the sources of information fed from your customers and partners. And if you were not there, then you must start.

Transparency of Information
The maximum possible open information, commenting on the situation in the organization, the company thus forming a positive opinion about themselves. And vice-versa.

Relationships with customers
Politeness, comprehensive answers to questions, ethics, trying to look in the eyes of a particular customers, speed and ease of service – this is not a complete list of what forms in the eyes of customers and potential customers to your services to your reputation.

Mission and its implementation
Many believe that a formalized mission of the company – just an optional attribute. In fact this is true only when the mission is purely formal written only for the website or brochure and not reflected in the daily activities of the company – in dealing with clients in transactions with partners, in comments to journalists.

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