A Study On The Pros And Cons Of The New Samsung Phone

Samsung has always been at its innovative best with its every creation and thus you can be doubly sure that with its new Omnia W GT- i8350, it is trying to do the same thing. It is living up to its reputation in the most effective way t by providing new things and attractions to the common mass.

As with all the things that we come across in our lives we try to evaluate them according to the negative and positive attributes of those particular things and thus the new Samsung Omnis W too has some good and some disappointing features as well. This phone is relatively compact and has a soli build to itself. The display of the phone is Super AMOLED screen, these make up most of the positive attributes. The screen measures a respectable 3.7 inch which is following the trend of most smart phones. The connectivity of the phone is quite impressive as well; it has blue tooth and GPRS, HSPDA, EDGE, etc.

Now to come to the negatives of the new Samsung Omnia W phone, this phone has a major draw back and that it lacks external storage support. There is also limited scope of vendor customization as it has the Windows Phones 7.5 Operating system. The added apps that have been included in the phone are very consumer centric and do not appeal to many.

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