A New Clash Between Samsung And Apple

There are various thing that crop up between the mobile manufacturing tycoons but some times they are for quite petty reasons, like as of late the latest row between Samsung and Apple has revealed a lot of things, the former has actually heaved the latter to court on the issue of emoticon patent.

The claim has been filed in Germany where it is believed that the mobile giant Apple has violated quite a number of patents which are related to be implemented in the WCDMA 3G telecom standards. Samsung has also pointed out that there are two more patents which have usurped by the makers of Apple, where out of one involves the display of emoticons.

The spokes person for the Samsung Company has pointed out that a total number of four complaints have been foiled against the Apple. He also explained that two of them are standard related patents and he other two are utility patents. He also informed the public through Reuters that the court has decided to make these separates claims in addition to the ones filed in the moth of April. Earlier it has been witnessed that Apple too had filed a violation of patent law suit against Samsung so the score seems even in this case.

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