Though it may sound a bit skeptical, it has been observed that the new iPhone for some reason or the other fails with its supply to meet the demand. And the scenario is not a rare one. Of late, Apple has disclosed two new models and as it is common with them, there was a deficiency of the gold cased version of iPhone 5S.


Though the iPhone 5S appeals to the customers being a new generation phone, it is just a foil to the old with minute interventions such as the inclusion of the aluminum and glass made phone available in colours other than the stagnant black and white. The other new features of the phone are that it has got a fingerprint identity sensor and a better camera.

However the impressive part of the phone is that it has an A7 chip as a desktop architecture with a double speed in its processors and a graphics chip that is better than the previous generation iPhone.

However every pro has got its own con. Thus though these features seem to be appealing, it is nothing out of the world as the previous generation phone already offers something of the sort.

None the less, being optimistic of the entire situation we can say that if you opt for the previous generation 4S, you maybe deprived of the Airdrop Wifi file transfer system which allows the users to create a temporary network ensuring easy work.

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