Consolidated Gulf Company In Qatar Unveils The Nokia C5-03

If you are in search of a Smartphone that offers you the advantages of a simple phone with all the bare essentials of a mobile phone you can opt for the Nokia C5-03. The Consolidated Gulf Company in Quatar has launched this phone and it is anticipated to be a hit in the market among the mobile users there.


The Nokia mobile phone is a touchscreen one having the advantages of a touch screen display that is about 3.2 inches. The phone also has a home screen that can be personalized and customized to suite the needs of the user. For the transfer of data the phone has a Bluetooth and a 5 MP camera for taking photographs and video recording. The brand is expected to make an outstanding impact with this phone as it offers the user great hi-tech features and a camera that takes powerful and high quality pictures. The keypad of the phone is an alpha numerical one that is QWERTY in nature and has the handwrite recognition in the phone. The user also has the advantages of having the navigation advantages of Ovi maps with the phone along with location sharing and support for public transport.

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