Nokia Lumia 830 has come up with Microsoft Mobile Branding

Microsoft mobile branding will be shown in the new Nokia Lumia 830. It will be launched in the market from the flagship of the brand as a mid ranged mobile device. It has been introduced by the Finnish company. The branding of the Microsoft mobile will be used inside the phone. Mobile enthusiasts all over […]

Cases Revealed before Launch of iPhone 6

In accordance to the rumors we can say that the iPhone 6 is one of the most projected Smartphone this year. It has been reported by mirror that the phone will release on 19th September this year whereas Mac has rumored that it will release on the third Friday of this September. But, whatever the […]

A Look at the Prospective Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The fans who are keenly waiting for Samsung’s upcoming smartphone, Galaxy Note 4, could well be disappointed because it has been recently reported that its design will be quite similar to the previous version, Galaxy Note 3. Some leaked images confirm this report. These images indicate that the Note 4 will resemble Note 3 in […]

Samsung Galaxy Phone looks closer to iPhone

Samsung is coming in the market with a new Galaxy Phone to surprise the mobile enthusiasts. However it looks quite similar to the iPhone. If you want to get an iPhone at a cheaper price then it is better to go for Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The edges of the chamfered are made with the polished […]

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