Samsung Predicts Galaxy S5 will Outsell Galaxy S4

Samsung, the mobile handset manufacturer giant, has predicted that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will outsell the Samsung Galaxy S4. This claim has been made by the company during its first quarter earning release. It has announced profits of about 7.57n won. This is about 2% when compared to the previous quarter. The Company took […]

LG Isai FL now spotted in pink

It has been confirmed from an authentic source that LG Isai FL is coming with a flagship product. It is a G3 flagship product from the Japanese counterpart of the company. With this new phone it may be possible to have an ensemble of pretty pink that can be accompanied with this pink device. It […]

The new Amazon’s Smartphone will be unveiled in June this year in 2014

The Amazon’s new android phone has finally come into focus. There have been some leaked photos that were released with the first look about the phone. Moreover techcrucnh has unveiled a lot of info with unique 3D interface. Amazon was planning to announce the phone by June this year and its actual design. Amazon has […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom to be Called Galaxy K

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been scheduled to be launched in the market on 29th April. It is creating a buzz in the market due to its amazing features. Every mobile enthusiast is waiting for a glance of this device. It has been seen that Samsung Galaxy S4 is not a good device. However an interesting […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Surpasses First Day Sales of Galaxy S4

It has been seen that Samsung Galaxy S5 has exceeded the opening day sales of Samsung Galaxy S4. The opening day sales figures have been published by the Korean manufacturer of this smart phone. It is seen that Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 30 percent increase in the sales in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S4. […]

Nokia X: The ‘So-Called’ Android Offering That Will Make Some Noise

Nokia X is one of the most awaited mobile handset of the year. It is recently launched in the market. It is once scarped as the Microsoft has taken over the project. It is rumored to be launched from Nokia six months back. The rumor has come true at last with the Nokia launching their […]

Nokia announces Lumia 930 for Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia has announced its latest flagship products Nokia Lumia 930 for Windows Phone 8.1. It is one of the best windows phone available in market that comes with various wonderful features. It will have 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor. This news is revealed from an authentic source.   Nokia Lumia 930 is about to open […]

The Mobile Creek – 2

The mobile creek 2 includes news about many different phones on the website. The latest news is on Sony Experia and Nokia X. The Nokia X phone is known to be providing Google services. The Nokia X was launched earlier in 2014 and had a huge response. It is solely based on an Android platform. […]

Latest News from Mobile Creek Media

The mobile creek is a one stop for all the latest and the newest of all news in the mobile world. Here you will find updates about each and every phone including the ones in the drop down menu. Here are just to name a few – android, Alcatel, Acer, Apple and AT&T, Blackberry, Google, […]

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