The Nokia Lumia 630 will leave an impression for quite a long time

The mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 630 has been given the nick name of Moneypenny. The all new mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 630 is expected to be launched at a glitzy event in the Microsoft Build Developer Conference in the year of two thousand and fourteen most possibly in the month of April. The […]

The Nokia Asha 220 is expected to shine among all others

The mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 is really one of a kind. The mobile phone of Nokia Asha  220  is said to be launched at the Mobile World Congress and has already created a wave in the markets all over the world. The mobile phone of Nokia Asha 220 will be available more or […]

Windows Software upsets Nokia Lumia icon

The new Icon smartphone from Nokia Lumia provides you with innumerable compelling features. But these exciting features are often undermined because the phone runs with the help of Windows Phone software. The developers as well as the consumers do not prefer this software. For the Verizon Wireless, the Icon smartphone acts as the flagship phone. […]

Comparing Nokia Lumia 1520 and LG G Flex

For those who are facing difficulty in deciding whether to buy Nokia Lumia 1520 or LG G Flex, here is a comprehensive comparison about the price and specifications between these two devices. The readers can easily make the appropriate decision by reading the comparison.   Design and Display LG G Flex includes a curved P-OLED […]

View the latest pictures of the Nokia Lumia 630

The EVleaks on the Twitter has come up with information as well as images on the new Nokia Lumia 630 smart phone. The images came up with visuals that showed the on screen buttons in a clear manner and which definitely indicates the Windows phone 8.1. The smart phone of Nokia Lumia 630 will be […]

The Nokia Lumia 635 comes with the best of features

In a recent Tweet that was passed on behalf of the company of Nokia that it would host an event slated for the nineteenth of April for the release of the new mobile phone Nokia Lumia 635. The tweets that came out on the evleaks is better taken at face value because whatever predictions the […]

The Sony Xperia Z 2 makes a wonderful purchase

The Sony Xperia Z2 is the latest manufacture from the house of Sony. The company of Sony has retained the designs based on aluminum and also a front and back encasing made out of glass. The mobile phone Sony Xperia Z 2 has a HD display in it. There is a quad core processor in […]

Nokia X Phone To Provide Google Services

Nokia is ready to announce the launch of its first range of smartphones based on the Android platform soon. This range of phones will be known as the Nokia X family and they were the subject of much discussion at the Mobile World Congress 2014. These phones will have the ability to run Nokia and […]

The Nokia Lumia 1320 to be made available in the UK

The Nokia Lumia 1320 phablet will be available for sale in the markets of Great Britain from the twenty fourth of February two thousand and fourteen. The phone cum tablet will feature a Gorilla Glass 3 screen. Moreover, news is that this particular phablet is priced keeping the low end budget in mind. It is […]

The Nokia Lumia 1520 mini is the next big phone from Nokia

The company of Nokia is bringing out a smaller version of the Nokia 1520 in the form of the Nokia Lumia 1520 mini. We have had previous experiences in the mobile phones which came out with smaller versions like the ipad mini, the Galaxy S3 mini. All the mini variants of the smart phones will […]

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