Still Nokia Lumia 520 dominates other Window phone

Nokia Limia 520 is one of the flagship handset that still dominates other Smartphone. The popularity of this handset is still increasing day by day. Constantly Nokia Lumia 520 is getting the leading position among all the Smartphone. No Window phone is there which can give a strong or heating competition with Nokia Lumia 520 […]

Latest Update on Samsung Galaxy S5

From the early news we know that Samsung wants to include 8GB LPDDR4 chip in their handset. They have already announced that they are seriously preparing to update this chip in their mobile. According to the 20nm processing system 4GB LPDDR4 will be the total combination of these four chips and there have no doubts […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 will not have a curvy display

From many days we have heard the next series of the Samsung Galaxy will be design with the curved display. People are waiting for the actual time when they will get curved display in Samsung Galaxy handset. According to the previous news the company was planning to deliver this concept in Samsung Galaxy S5 handset […]

EE gives you offer to win Nokia Lumia 625

Christmas is knocking on the door. Before two days of Christmas EE team has brought a wonderful offer for the viewers. From here at EE, all the people are very excited to enjoy the new offer. EE is like A Christmas light for us just go, click the switch and make your wish fulfilled. EE […]

In January 2014 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini La Fleur will be released

As we know that in this year October Samsung had announced their new handset.  They have told that they are preparing to launch this handset with in a very short time. Samsung have told that this handset will be provided in red color and consumer can easily buy this device before Christmas. But 23rd morning […]

HTC One Gold Now provide in UK

The citizen of the UK should be happy because HTC One Gold now provide in their country. Few days before HTC Company have just declared their HTC One Golden version. There have no doubts that this real Gold plated Smartphone has been appeared with impact applications, simple process and modest way. Those are thoroughly waiting […]

Nokia Lumia 929 to be launched as a Lumia Icon

Recent t rumor has come that Nokia Lumia 929 is being launched as the Lumia Icon by Verizon. From all the sites and Twitter we get to know a lot of things about Nokia Lumia 929. Most probably three months have already past since we heared this information about this handset and now from the […]

For Microsoft plan Nokia Lumia 2520 delay their releasing time.

According to the latest update we get to know that Nokia Company has recently canceled their 8 inches Nokia Lumia 2520 table for some Microsoft plans. There have some MS highly anticipated are over there and for this company need to cancel their launching. After releasing lots of versions of Lumia Smartphone it is quite […]

Get Dell Venue 8 Pro under $99

According to the new update of short news has been delivered that people could get Dell Venue Pro 8 for $99. In this year there is a short-time offer that people can easily buy this Dell device for $99. It was a really a blast news for those who love to use tablet but cannot […]

Aldi’s Low-price tablet is out of stock

Aldi offering a low price tablet which is available at $80 in the market. But the latest news is, this device is become out of stock with in a one day. The main reason of this company was decided to launch this tablet with a special offer so this device has cam with $80 in […]

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