HTC One Mini To Be Unleased In September This Year

If you have been waiting for the HTC One Mini to venture into the market there is good news in store for you. Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC has finally announced that the handset will be released in September. This phone is the smaller version of the HTC One that had been one of […]

Plastic HTC Zara Expected To Be Released This Year

There are a lot of rumors that have been released on the HTC One Max.  Originally this mobile was called and known as the T6. This is the first phablet from HTC. There are rumors this device will get its release in the month of September. There are also rumors of another device expected to […]

Leaked Images Of Nexus 7.2 Pictures Leaked

Pictures of the next generation 7.2 have leaked on the Internet again and this time it reveals a design that is a tweaked one. This device is big in size and the top and bottom panels of the device have been enlarged for the convenience of the user. The Nexus logo is one that has […]

Blackberry A10 Leaked List Of Specifications, Upcoming BB OS 10.2 Phone

Blackberry is pleased to introduce Blackberry A10 in the market, notwithstanding the evidently dull Z10 bargains. Despite the fact that the flopping Canada Company is yet to formally recognize a future BB OS 10.2 mobile phone, bits of hearsay about the mechanism are quite thick. One of the most useful chunks of reports can be […]

Buying a Tablet

With the sudden popularity of tablets quickly surpassing laptops and desktops, it might be time for you to see if tablets are a good fit for you. Tablets are extremely portable and with the growing number of apps, tablets can now be used for both work and play. When you decide to buy a tablet, […]

Samsung is likely to skip Android 4.2.2 update for Galaxy Note 2 & S3

Sources close to Samsung are claiming that this South Korean mobile making giant will update its Galaxy S 3 and Note 2 to Android 4.3 later this year instead of updating to Android 4.2.2. This update will bring the Galaxy S 3 at par with its successor Galaxy S 4 to make the existing owners […]

HTC to launch One Max worth 6inch screen

Now it seems that HTC is working on its ‘phablet” HTC One Max. Sources close to HTC, are saying that it is in the process of developing the phone with a mammoth 6inch, 1080p display.  Though much information has not been received about this new phone from HTC, but it is certain that this Taiwanese […]

Blackberry’s New Handset A10 Images Revealed On The Internet

BlackBerry A10, another flagship handset that has been code-named as “Aristo”. The A10 mobile phone has came up with a purported image of the front side on the internet. The smartphone BlackBerry A10 is predicted to deliver with a 5.0” screen and possibly will feature an Extremely AMOLED board with a high quality resolution of […]

Blackberry Is Soon Arriving With Its New Device Named 9720

Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry has determined that the company is set to launch a new OS7 device. As per the sources revealed the device will be known with the name of BlackBerry 9720. The specification of the phone has been leaked and the phone is expected to have certain features such as 480×360 display […]

Nokia’s New Smartphone Is To Debut With The Name Of 909

Only few days are left in the release of Nokia’s new Smartphone and before that a new news is circulating about this Smartphone. Popular twitter @evleaks has disclosed that a renowned and high-class camera mobile Nokia Lumia EOS 1020 will make its debut in the name of 909.   There is a speculation that the […]

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