Waterproof Giant Sony Xperia Z Launched

The waterproof giant has arrived at last! The Sony Xperia Z Ultra phone has entered the markets and it seems to have been creating waves already. This phone is known for its gigantic screen. It is the slimmest large display screen in the market and the company is pitching the phone in this manner. Sony […]

HTC Working On Windows 8 Flagship Phone

HTC is working on a new device that is a high end phone that will go on sale during Christmas.  This new phone will look like the HTC One and also sport the GDR3 update for the Windows 8. This brand new phone will also sport Qualcomm chips and have a display screen that is […]

LG To Host Mysterious Event On 7th August Possibly For Optimus G

LG is all set to launch an event on the 7th of August and there is anticipation that this event will be organized for the new Optimus G phone. This event will be hosted in New York City and people are awaiting this mysterious event by the company. This event may follow the recent teaser […]

LG To Dump “Optimus” From Smartphones

LG is now all set to drop the Optimus name from its range of smartphones due to it poor performance against competing with the other known brands of the smartphone market. This handset manufacturer is currently facing some hard times despite the fact that it has a number of real products in the market. The […]

HTC 200 Is The New Entry Level Android Smartphone

There is good news for lovers of HTC who are looking for an entry level smartphone. HTC is all set to release its Android based smartphone the HTC 200 soon. This is a phone that is currently targeting the budget segment. This is the reason why many mobile enthusiasts are looking forward for the release […]

Blackberry Q5 Available For Pre-Orders In United Kingdom

Blackberry Q5 will now be available for pre-orders in UK. This device is going to be released in July and customers can pre-order the phone now. This phone will fall under the middle range category and it is being launched with a price tag of £349.98. The price is the same like the Nokia Lumia […]

Blackberry Z10 Smartphone Available At £399

In a span of less than 6 months the price of the new Blackberry Z10 has fallen over 20 per cent. This is good news for phone lovers who have been eyeing the phone for some time. Now the price of the phone is less than £400 and you can easily get the phone from […]

Blackberry Gets Facebook Update For Blackberry Z10 And Q10

There is great news for Blackberry Z10 and Q10 phone owners and that is Facebook has issued an update for its Blackberry 10 application. This update has been named as Facebook v 10.2.0 for the Blackberry 10 OS platform. It brings with it a number of improvements and features to the Blackberry device. Once this […]

TV Apps to Bring the Experience Everywhere

tv app

With the increased use of smartphones and tablets to watch television, as well as interact with it, the top names in television now offer a variety of apps that enhance the viewing experience, no matter where you are. In addition to providing apps for their services, the major pay television providers, including DirecTV and Dish […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Update Comes With SD Storage and HDR Video

It seems that Samsung has taken the criticism regarding the free storage for its flagship Galaxy S4 seriously and it is trying to improve it by rolling out updated version of Galaxy S4.  Samsung has rolled out the latest update for the Galaxy S4 which brings some important changes with reference to that criticism. Now it lets […]

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