Price Of The Blackberry Z10 In UK Disclosed

The price for the Blackberry Z 10 in the UK has been disclosed. This is the first of the BB10 line of smartphones to be launched in the market. This device is one that is expected to go live in the nation and launched via carriers besides retailers on pay monthly contracts. There are also […]

Official Recommendation Given To Samsung Galaxy XCover 2

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 2 after being one of the main handsets launched at the MWC 2013 has drove into the limelight. Besides the official announcement images of the phone will be discussed as well. The picture of the phone has been released for the first time. Samsung has stated that the Galaxy XCover2 is […]

Galaxy Smartphones Trigger Great Profits For Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Phones have helped the company to surge ahead with great profits recorded in the last months of 2012. The net income of the company had risen by 7.04 tn won from 4.01 tn won in the same period exactly a year ago. These figures have exceeded the expectations of the Company as well […]

Google Blamed For The Shortage of Nexus 4 By LG

Ever since its release in November, last year Google Nexus 4 has been listed as sold out on the internet. The Android operated smartphone is priced at £239 for an 8GB version or £279 for 16GB. This phone has been manufactured by LG the Korean firm. When asked about the shortage and stock issues LG […]

Analysts Hint Iphone 6 To Land Soon

The 6th generation iphone could hit the market anytime. The arrival of this device has been leaked by an analyst although as of now they have not been officially declared by Apple. If we take a look at the past records of the company the 4th and 5th generation of the iphone were released in […]

O2 Sells HTC One X + Phone Sans Chargers In A Bid To Reduce Electronic Waste

O2 has joined hands with HTC in a bid to reduce electronic waste and now it is making this dream a reality. The UK mobile service provider is now encouraging its peers and other competitors alike to follow the same steps and protect the environment from pollution and excess electronic waste. It is asking other […]

Release Date & Price of Nokia 620 Surface

A month after the revelation of the Nokia 620 its release date and price has surfaced on the internet. There is anticipation of the device hitting stores across the globe this month. Users willing to own this device can pre-book the mobile with immediate effect on retail and online stores. The Nokia 620 is the […]

Sony Xperia Z Price & Release Date Is Prepared And Ready To Make Its Debut In UK Together With Xperia ZL

The price and release date of both Sony Xperia Z and it sibling Xperia ZL has been unveiled. Both of the handset will enter into the market on 8th January. This device has been under rumor for a short time. The Xperia Z has been come to the front through the CES in 2013. This […]

Jelly Bean To Be Launched on Sony Xperia Z In First Quarter

There is good news for Sony Xperia Z that has officially surfaced at the CES 2013. The Company has in the past removed specific doubts of the existence of this handset by hosting some photos on the website. With these pictures we are able to get more details on the specifications of this mush awaited […]

T- Mobile Has Declared The Price &Release Of Blackberry Curve 9315

Those who are eagerly waiting for the release of Blackberry curve 9315 will be happier to know that T-Mobile has publicized the price as well as its release date. The device will be available from this month onwards. The curve 9315 is the sequel of 9310, which was released on 12 July last year. The […]

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