HTC One X AT & T Prices Reduced To $ 100 On Contract

There is good news for HTC One X AT & T. The price of the phone has been reduced to $ 100 and this is why the device is attainable for many users in the nation. The price is going to be implemented on the 29th of July and it is tied to a contract […]

Motorola Motoluxe XT685 Smartphone Hits China

Following the footsteps of its predecessor ZTE N880E Smartphone, Motorola Motoluxe XT 685 has hit China. It is different from its predecessor as it operates on the ICS OS and fans have the option of picking up the device in brown and white. This smartphone has a high resolution and a 4 inch display dominating […]

New Next Generation IPhone Case Hints At 4 Inch Display

People are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the new next generation Iphone this October. Apple has been tight lipped on this device and currently there is no news from them. We have to wait for the next release date of the device to find out more on this widely anticipated phone. There has been […]

Google Nexus 7 Review

Although the tablet market was essentially created by Apple and then dominated by the iPad, there are many millions of people out there that find the 9.7 inch display simply too big for their liking, this has been proven in the United States by the outstanding success of the Amazon Kindle. Never one to miss […]

Vodafone Huawei Ascend P1 Ready For UK Launch In Early August

Vodafone Huawei Ascend P1 is currently being advertised as the slimmest handset in town and it is currently getting geared up for its UK Launch in the month of August. This phone has a profile that is about 7.6 mm thick and it appears to be very slick to the user. When it comes to […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. HTC One X

Earlier in the year when HTC unveiled their new ‘One’ series, and the flagship One X smartphone, they did so with little in the way of competition. The HTC One X simply had more in the way of specs and performance for any other phone to rival – until the Samsung Galaxy S3 came along. […]

Nokia Lumia 900 Review

Despite being the world-wide leader in mobile phone sales, Nokia has struggled to make a breakthrough in the smartphone market. The same can be said for Microsoft, who despite having produced a stylish and easy to use operating system, have seen Windows Phone struggle to make an impact. However, with their recent phones, the Nokia […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 64 GB Version To Be Released This Year

There is good news to fans and that is the Samsung Galaxy S3 64 GB version will be arriving in the second half of this year. This mobile has been specially designed to meet the specific memory needs of prospective mobile users. The online retailer Expansys stated that this high memory Smartphone has been discontinued […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

If you have any interest whatsoever in smartphones, you will have surely seen and heard about the latest Samsung Galaxy S3. The newest addition to the Galaxy range is Samsung’s flagship handset and the most hyped phone of the year by some distance. This new “super phone” is expected to set the benchmark for all […]

US Price and Availability Of Sony Xperia S, P and U Leaked

There is good news for those who are waiting for the price and availability details of the Sony Xperia S P and U after one of the three phones hit the UK via Three. All the devices are part of the Xperia NXT Range that was launched at the CES 2012. The Sony Xperia S, […]

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