Losses Rise Blackberry Delays New Device

RIM or Research In Motion has taken a step back in the launch of its next generation Blackberry device. The Blackberry 10 mobile handset will come into the market in the first quarter of 2013. In another significant move Blackberry has revealed that it has faced larger than expected losses in this quarter.   According […]

Tablets Getting Over Smartphones

Just recently we were surprised looking at a survey data that showed there more sold smartphones than PCs in the world. It made many people think the upcoming mobile devices will be smaller than what we currently use, but Apple upturned everything as it always does. I mean when the whole tech world was obsessed […]

About reputation management and about building trust

Today a lot of talk is about the growing role of reputation in the business. In fact, worldwide reputation almost always played a key role in establishing the trust, which is a key factor in the effective interaction with customers and partners. It has particularly large role in the organization of the telecommunications sector and […]

Batman Nokia Lumia 900 Facebook Contest Now Open In The UK

There is good news for those movie lovers who are eagerly waiting for the upcoming movie The Dark Knight. They can now get a chance to participate in the Batman Nokia Lumia 900 Edition Facebook Contest. If you wish to know where the contest details are you should check out the official Facebook Page in […]

Sony Xperia Ion Price And Availability Details Released

Sony is back with its Xperia line of Smartphones and now the latest one is all set to hit the USA. There is good news for mobile enthusiasts who are waiting for the arrival of the Sony Xperia Ion in the USA. This Smartphone is the first 4G LTE device that is going to be […]

Shipments For Sprint’s Samsung’s Galaxy III Smartphone Delayed

There is bad news for those waiting for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy III. Shipments have been delayed with the Company citing reasons that the demand for this widely anticipated phone has exceeded its stock. This was stated in the official blog of the carrier and its news has indeed disappointed eager mobile enthusiasts ready to get […]

HTC Promises Fix For One X Wi-Fi Issue

HTC has acknowledge that its recent launch the HTC One X flagship mobilephone has issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Taiwanese phone maker has stated that is will fix the issue soon and users do not have to worry. The company has admitted that there are a number of HTC One X mobile devices released in […]

Nokia Pureview 808 To Hit UK This Week

There is good news for all those mobile enthusiasts who are waiting for the latest mobile offering from Nokia –Nokia Pureview 808. This device is all set to hit UK markets this week. The phone carries with it a 41MP cameraphone and it is anticipated to be released on the 21st of June. The news […]

Sony Introduces Xperia Miro

Just after the launch of the Xperia P and Xperia S few months back, Sony again comes up in the hot news with the new version of Xperia model, the Sony Xperia Miro. The phone is intended to target the mid range and the entry level category. Based on the new Android 4.0 Ice ream […]

Max Payne soon to hit Android Phones

Of all the hot news that have stricken the world market of mobile industries, the news of the famous Max Payne hitting the Android phones seems to be the most exciting one. The game was previously released on the iOS platform and had reported quite a successful opening. Originally, the game was launched in the […]

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