iPhone 4S or Android – Which Will You Choose?

Do you remember the original movie ‘Planet of the Apes’? It is a movie depicting apes taking over the planet and humans becoming the ‘second most intelligent’ creatures on the earth. Well, I feel that we are actually beginning to live that nightmare except it isn’t apes that are taking over humanity, it is cell […]

Review Of Htc 4g Lte, Lte Is In Name Only But Specs Remarkable

The HTC users will happy to know that in this week there will be a release of sprint’s brand new HTC Evo 4G LTE phone. In the coming Friday the spanking new Smartphone is set to sale for 200$ on contract. The Evo is a fragile mobile phone, which suits in hands fit well in […]

Pentagon Consent Utilize Of Blackberry 7 Models

"Blackberry 7 Models"

In Wednesday research in motion stated that the United States department of defense has accepted six models of the company’s blackberry 7 for utilize on its own networks, expanding a lengthy relationship, with the Smartphone well- known for its rigid security. The appreciation will allot RIMs solo biggest customer to upgrade the Smartphone of Canadian […]

“Rumor” Blue Motorola Droid Razr Releasing Verizon On May 18

The documents illustrate that the brand new blue version of Droid Razr will launch in May 18. The appearance of the phone is nice and majority of the people will like it. The spanking new droid Razr will come with the similar old specs of the innovative phone.  This stands out that you will receive […]

Apple Slant For Iphone 5.Com Domain

You will not have sufficient hint what apple will bring out in its next iphone. The newest morsel comes in the form of domain name iphone5.com. For this apple has filed an alleged with the world intellectual property organization. Up to now apple smartphone line has counted to the iphone 4S. However, the company is […]

Motorola’s Defy Mini Smartphone Will Disclose In Turkey

Motorola Mobility exposes the Motorola DEFY MINI in Turkey.Motorola DEFY MINI is a dust-free, water- proof and scratchproof Smartphone, and this phone is specially design for the young generation. The android- powered Smartphone provide its users to access not only hundred but thousand of games, application, music, books, and movies download on Google play. These […]

HTC Sensation 4g Free Like T-Mobile Organize For Galaxy S3

T-Mobile has a great deal going for their admired HTC Sensation 4G Smartphone, which you will not like to miss. T-Mobile is providing the sensation 4G completely free as a web only special. However, the deal finish on third may, it offers $199 web only discounts and this brings the phone to you with a […]

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