An Overview About HTC Wildfire S

Although The HTC Wildfire S is minute but the users of HTC do not go with its size because the wildfire S is sophisticated Smartphone. This Smartphone is idyllic for essential social networking, messages and calls. HTC is a company that is famous for creative design, iconic devices. The leading example of this statement is […]

Apple Set Up To Infringe Single Patent Android Phone

Motorola mobility holdings won a biased U.S international trade commission judge’s ruling in its proposal to chunk imports of apple devices counting with both iphone as well as ipad tablet computer.   In today’s notice ITC judge, Thomas Pender stated that apple violated one of four Motorola mobility patent rights being contested. The patent recount […]

HTC Evo Design 4G To Divulge Through Boost Mobile

The HTC Evo design4G might strike the tech ground through boost mobile at the end of this quarter. As the upcoming HTC is endowed with the scoop of android, thus the handset has many kept many people wait for its release. The lover of HTC is eagerly waiting. The sources reveal that if the buzz […]

The New Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 Comes With Varieties Of Features

In order to swap its old galaxy Ace Smartphone, Samsung has inaudibly launched a brand new middle range Smartphone. The looks of spanking new Samsung galaxy are superb. The galaxy Ace plus GT-S7500 has the potentiality to be a grand device worth enjoying android OS. The recent galaxy Ace plus actually appears parallel to the […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Will Soon Come Out With Eye Arresting Features

Technology expert Samsung galaxy S2 is preparing to come with numerous giant features such as eye tracking feature. In the interim, the release date is predictable to be on third may. The Samsung lovers will be happy to know that the Samsung galaxy S3 will be set free in the beginning of the coming month. […]

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4GLTE Will Launch In April 22

Samsung is coming out with new mobile named as sprint Samsung galaxy nexus, this phone will expose in public in April 22. The device is coming out with the ICS treat for potential buyers. You cannot ignore Samsung’s nexus because it has a feature like Google wallet and android beam. The upcoming nexus is wonderfully […]

Sample Of LG Optimus L5 Android Phone

LG’s optimus L5 is the middle range replica in the company’s new L-style range of android phones, it centre especially on a stylish design. Unhappily, the L5 display has an extremely less resolution despite its huge 4in screen size, which would prepare it very solid to recommend. In the mobile world congress trade show held […]

On Saturday The Pink Galaxy Will Land In Singapore

The lovers of Samsung will be happy to know that Samsung galaxy will arrive in pink color. The new color handset will land on Saturday. Hence, get ready to see new galaxy S2 dressed in pink color. The pink galaxy will be obtainable at the same rate S$948of white and black version, which was sold […]

Foxcon Employee Stated In The Month Of October Iphone5 Will Launch

It is not at all surprising to know that the recent iphone will launch its one of the most highly probable device in this year, in company with the Samsung galaxy 3. As the day is passing, a new gossip is ready about the upcoming iphone. The last gossip people heard about apple’s next flagship. […]

Trends in Mobile Casino App Development

Mobile casino apps continue to be a very popular genre among game developers, with several trends working in their favor and likely pointing to even more apps being rolled out in the future. Unlike other games that have to create their own loyal followings largely from scratch, millions of people around the world already know […]

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