HTC Vivid: The First AT&T Smartphone Device

The new HTC vivid is a device which is a new addition to the smart phones. It is the one of the handsets that has been enabled with 4G LTE network. The essential eye catching features of this phone are the display and processor of the phone along with an enhanced camera, although the phone’s […]

Get Vivacious With T-Mobile

The latest android phone launched by the makers of T-Mobile to its UK customers is the budget android phone according to them. Modestly priced the “Vivacity” is sure to catch the attention of most of the people other than tech geeks. T-Mobile has launched its own brand which is an android based cell phone, which […]

Samsung Captive Glide A Revolution In The Android Category

AT&T has a lot of option for the smart hones, but it lacks key boarded smart phones. The Samsung captive glide is sure to offer the edge which the others have not been able to. Taking heavily from the Samsung galaxy S II with the addition of a full slide out QWERTY key board and […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: The Latest Addition To The Smart Phone Kitty

Ice cream sandwich is the latest operating system of the newest Google phone the galaxy nexus. The new galaxy nexus form Samsung is the first ever device to run Google’s Android 4.0 operating system, known by its desert code name. Ice Cream Sandwich is designed to be at creative and innovative blend between an Android […]

The New HTC Sensation The XL Android Phone

This new HTC phone is rumored to be too large for a smart phone. But is it really lays the doubt. With a screen of 4.7 inch it is claimed to be big for a smart phone. The makers at HTC have endeavored to venture greener and new pastures for this particular phone, the Sensation […]

Blackberry Curve 9360 To Debut In Australia Soon

The organization Research In Motion or RIM as we know it to be, announced earlier this week that the Blackberry Curve 9360 is now available in Australia through Vodafone. The announcement was made in a press release in Sydney.   This particular smart phone comes with a physical key board and an optical track pad […]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Vs Nokia E6

RIM (Blackberry) and Nokia are two big companies in the handset manufacturers’ arena and both names are constantly inundating the mobile market with their innovative Smartphones with a host of promising features.  The sales of Blackberry handsets have soared recently while Nokia has faced a difficult phase in the sale of its mobile phones lately. […]

Nokia Lumia 800’s UK Debut

The new and attractive Nokia Lumia 800 has gone up for sale in the United Kingdom. The Finnish phone maker giants have pinned all its hope on the new Nokia Lumia 800. They hope to make smart phone relevance in the market where the buyers are more prone to and obsessed with the iPhone and […]

Samsung’s Newest Revolution: The Galaxy Note

The Samsung galaxy the Samsung Galaxy Note is a tablet smart phone hybrid which ahs been reported to be hitting the Australian shores early next year. The Samsung Galaxy note dwindles between a tablet and smart phone. This particular phone is an Android powered device which features a 5.3 inch touch screen that is significantly […]

Blackberry Losing Its Popularity Among Owners

The Blackberry has been around for some time and owners till recently have been the proud owners of this widely sought after phone. Unfortunately for RIM the tables have turned and the Blackberry tag is losing popularity among owners. It has been revealed that in the technological market that is now flooded with innovative features […]

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