2 Million Galaxy S Smartphones Sold in Korea

Samsung has announced that they have sold 2 million Galaxy S Android-powered smartphones in Korea during the six months since the phone was released there. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S is the first smartphone, which reached the 2 million sold milestone in Korea.

Besides, 9.3 million Galaxy S smartphones have been sold worldwide, and this series has all the chances to become the first Android devices family to reach 10 million units sold worldwide. It’s just a matter of time!

We have no doubts that people love this phone, but the high sale rates are also reached with the contribution of Samsung’s extensive distribution deals – the phone is offered by a number of operators worldwide.

For the comparison, Apple iPhone series has sold in a total of around 1.8 million handsets in South Korea since being available here from 2009, while the iPhone 4 – in 14 million units from its launch in Summer until the end of October.

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