Leaked Images Of Nexus 7.2 Pictures Leaked

Pictures of the next generation 7.2 have leaked on the Internet again and this time it reveals a design that is a tweaked one. This device is big in size and the top and bottom panels of the device have been enlarged for the convenience of the user. The Nexus logo is one that has […]

Who Is To Blame For Nexus 4 Shortage?

Customers are disappointed and angry ever since the launch of the Nexus 4 by Google. The device was launched in November and now it is next to impossible to get a phone from the Google Play Store. There are a handful of retailers that have the stock of the device and this has infuriated customers […]

Google Blamed For The Shortage of Nexus 4 By LG

Ever since its release in November, last year Google Nexus 4 has been listed as sold out on the internet. The Android operated smartphone is priced at £239 for an 8GB version or £279 for 16GB. This phone has been manufactured by LG the Korean firm. When asked about the shortage and stock issues LG […]

LG Optimus G Nexus Coming Soon To USA

There are reports that the LG Optimus G Nexus is going to be launched in the USA soon. It is scheduled to hit the US shores by the end of this month. The name of the handset has not yet been decided however it is rumored that its name will be more or less similar […]

Google Nexus 7 Review

Although the tablet market was essentially created by Apple and then dominated by the iPad, there are many millions of people out there that find the 9.7 inch display simply too big for their liking, this has been proven in the United States by the outstanding success of the Amazon Kindle. Never one to miss […]

The Nexus S Hits Space For The Second Time

It has done it once and now it does it again! The Nexus S travels into space for the second time making it a unique achievement for the Smartphone.Google had sent this phone into space as a part of the ST-135 space mission with Atlantis. This was the last NASA manned space shuttle that hit […]

Nexus S 4G To Get Software Update For Better Data Speed

The Nexus 4G is ready to receive a software update that will enhance its 4G speed and provide users with updates too. This Samrtphone is Gingerbread enabled and it is rumored to be the fastest Smartphone among all the Android phones that are currently available in the market. This Smartphone has a 4-inch screen display […]