Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime may boast rapid download speeds


With the Galaxy series, the brand of Samsung has created a market for themselves. It is believed that they will come up with a new handset soon. It is named Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. People are waiting for this flagship product for a long time. Samsung Galaxy S5 will come up with a download speed that is not imaginable. It will simply blow the mind of the mobile enthusiast.



Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to be released for few weeks. However it is still not out in the market. It will come up with a download speed that can goes up to 225 mega bytes per second. It has created quite a buzz in the market. With this speed the mobile enthusiast can enjoy internet in their premium handset. It will break all the previous records in terms of the download speed. The download speed of this mobile handset is triple than any other handset in the world. Previously a speed of 75Mbps is achievable through LTE. Samsung Galaxy Prime will beat the record of LTE in the US market.


The download speed of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is exclusive to some countries of the world. It is available in Korea. Mobile carrier like SK Telecom is providing this service in Korea. With this carrier, it will be possible to get a download speed of 225 Mbps. The company is combining two spectrums of 10 MHz and 20 MHz to achieve this download speed. The only competition in the market is LTE. It achieves its maximum speed of 150 Mbps by combining two spectrums of 10 MHz.


The launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 prime will surely create a great competition in the market. The brand of Samsung has not revealed anything from their official site. However speculations are going on in the market. It is possible to support this download speed of 225Mbps with a single mother chip. The Qualcomm MDM9635 can be used in this flagship product from the company as they have recently finished developing this chip in April. 1 million chip of Qualcomm MDM9635 has been ordered to install it in this flagship handset. However it will be only available in Korea for now.